Private Coaching Sessions 

Motivated to train your dog yourself?

If you want to learn how to train your dog, private coaching sessions are a good option. Scheduled in-home (or on-location), we will work your dog's customized training plan together. You will learn right alongside your dog and gain skills to teach your dog new things. 


Day Training 


  • Busy dog owners

  • Early puppy socialization

  • Owners with health issues

  • Enrichment opportunities/boredom relief

If training isn't your thing, you're just too busy, or just want to leave it to the experts, day training is a good option. Training sessions can be scheduled while you are home, at work, or running errands.

Scheduled in-home (or on-location), I will work your dog's customized training plan for efficient and effective results. You will learn how to maintain the behaviors your dog has learned through skills transfer sessions.



How it works.

It all starts with an initial consultation. This provides information to determine the best training and management strategy.

Are there specific behavior problems that have developed and need to be addressed and modified?

Are you looking to help your dog become a well-mannered family member?

Individual training plans are developed and mutually agreed upon to address the needs for puppy, adolescent or adult dogs.


Services offered include:

  • puppy life skills training

  • basic obedience and manners

  • agility and specialty classes

  • housetraining - both puppies and adult learners

  • walking nicely on leash

  • recalls / coming when called

  • helping the fearful dog

  • various behavior problems and their modification



Private Sessions
$75 per hour
$40 per 1/2 hour