Obedience for Agility

The entry level class on the road to agility competition or just for fun. We introduce foundation skills required of every good agility dog/handler team. We include body language cues, timing & training mechanics, distraction training, focus on the handler, and beginning obstacle work.

Dogs: 6 months of age and above.

Max class size: 6 dog/handler teams.

Agility 101 ... and beyond

Following Obedience for Agility, ongoing six-week class sessions provide instruction to allow students to progress and advance their agility training and handling skills. 

Classes progresses with:

  • more thorough obstacle handling, still at low height
  • trainer technique, timing & mechanics
  • shaping behaviors
  • working off-leash
  • obstacles at full height
  • proofing for distractions
  • handler positioning for consistent cuing
  • advanced handling skills: front-cross, rear-cross, 180s, 270s, and serpentines

Dogs: 6 months of age and above.

Max class size: 6 dog/handler teams.

Puppy Life Skills

Seasonal class offering held outdoors in Desert Sage Agility's grass arena.

Classes include play sessions allowing puppies to develop vital skills and offers socialization opportunities. Play narration provides you with an introduction to canine body language signals. Skills that will allow you to monitor play with unfamiliar dogs.

Each week focuses on a different skill set while reinforcing every day obedience behaviors, recalls, focus and impulse control.

  • kitchen manners
  • public manners
  • household manners
  • walks & hikes
  • grooming & handling
  • husbandry, vet exams and visits

Puppies: 9 to 20 weeks

Vaccination records required to show of protection.

Classes - not like the others.

Classes at Desert Sage Agility are a little different from what you might be used to. When a class fills, the journey begins.

Our entry level class is Obedience for Agility. Upon completion of this six-week class, we hope that you are infected with the bug and ready for more.

Ongoing six-week sessions allow the group to advance their agility training and handling skills together.

Class Costs

$150 for (6) 1 Hour Sessions

Discounts are offered to students after the completion of three-consecutive six-week sessions.


Classes held at Desert Sage Agility

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