Body Language Webinar - with Jean Donaldson for iSpeakDog

 Behavior Geeks - Exciting News

Peek inside the Academy for Dog Trainers and sample some of what students learn about canine body language and behavior. To celebrate iSpeakDog week, two webinars are offered from their curriculum. 

Taught by Jean Donaldson. Don't miss out on this chance to gain insight and test your skills. #iSpeakDog

Free HERE on-demand throughout iSpeakDog Week, March 27 - April 1 #iSpeakDog

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Balance Harness - Voted Best Dog Harness in 2017

Not all front-clip harnesses are created equal.

Balance Harness earns top spot in the Whole Dog Journal 2017 Best Dog Harness review.

Since the introduction of the no-pull, front-clip harness, the purchase options have increased. So how do you choose?

Some harnesses can be hard to get that proper fit. Too loose and the dog can walk right out of it. Too tight, or poor design can impede normal muscle function creating discomfort and an improper gait.

WDJ 2017 Dog Harness Review here.


Whole Dog Journal 2017 Best Dog Harness Review

Whole Dog Journal 2017 Best Dog Harness Review